Fire protection

Materials on the basis of exfoliated vermiculite is very effective in solving problems related to fire and fire protection.


Using technical indicators such as: low density, high melting point (1350 ºС), considerably reflecting the ability and high heat resistance, leading specialists enterprise "Ukrainian Vermiculite Group" developed technology production of vermiculite boards ПВВ.


Vermiculite boards fireproof ПВВ TU U 26.8-33909284-002:2006 is an environmentally friendly material, which together with high refractoriness combines high levels of sound absorption, insulation, and also possesses excellent decorative properties for an indefinite period of operation.


Boards ПВВ lungs and at the same time possess high strength, chemically neutral, inert (it is composed only inorganic components), they are not alkaline impurities, do not contain fiber. In the composition of boards may include a hydrophobic substance, which is limited by the capillary suction of water.


If necessary, the surface plate can be painted or textured ordinary emulsion paint. Also, the surface of the boards can be covered with veneer or plastic, as usual, and nonflammable.


When mounting boards ПВВ mounted by conventional screws or staples with an additional sizing, which aligns the seams.


Boards ПВВ easily handled by conventional woodworking tools and equipment.


Вoards ПВВ is an inorganic material and appropriate fire safety standards, allowing you to use their in building where there are requirements of fire protection with the rate of fire resistance of up to 4 hours.

Technical data products ПВВ

Options Units Discription
1 Length (max) мм 1980
2 Width (max) мм 1000
3 Thickness мм 10 – 50
4 Density Кг/м3 400 – 1000
5 Tensile strength:
- Bending
Кг/см2 5 – 25
6 - Compression Кг/см2 6 – 30
7 Thermal conductivity at 25 oС Вт/мК 0,09 – 0,18
8 Absorption (24 hours) (available hydrophobicity) % 10 – 50
9 Residual moisture % Max 7
10 Application temperature oС от -50 до +1100
11 Linear shrinkage temperature % Max 2
12 Fire-retardant performance Час 0,5 – 4
13 Sound absorption at a frequency of 500 Hz   0,4 – 0,6
14 Toxicity, including the effects of flame   not
15 Flammability   not

Temperature measurements are shown in the graphs:

As seen from the charts and according to the standard DSTU B. V.1.1-4-98 fire-resistant plate boundary thickness of 50 mm is 180 minutes.


Properties boards ПВВ showed that they could be recommending a fireproofing of steel columns, for the manufacture of fire structures, as well as to create a non-combustible walls and suspended ceiling.


Steel supporting structures are non-combustible, but case of fire this material is exposed to elevated temperatures and loses its structural quality. Even at 500 ºC steel construction reduces their resistance to stress and subsidence.


To ensure proper load-carrying capacity of steel under construction fire, it is necessary to ensure effective protection of heat-resistant plates with help ПВВ.


Wooden structural engineering, even in case of fire, must retain their structural quality. Wood is a combustible material with a fairly high speed burnout. With the use of wooden structures need to sufficiently effective protection against fire by lining fireproof boards ПВВ.


False ceilings in conjunction with bearing joists are intended to necessary fire protection. As a rule, suspended ceilings apply for fire protection and evacuation routes and placed fire risk categories A and B.


Communication facilities, mounted in the wall mines also require protection from fire.


Air ducts and fire water pipes, are important objects and require effective fire protection.


Requirements of the Regulations of the Register and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea in the design and construction of ships called for in order to limit the spread of fire on the vessel, splitting it into a number of fire areas and confined spaces by installing fire decks, bulkheads and doors of fire-resistant (type A) and fire retardant (type B) structures.


The deck is a horizontal overlap, located on all or nearly the entire length of the vessel and consisting of a metal base and cover. It shall have sufficient Fire retarding prevent the penetration of fire in adjacent premises.


Duration of the standard fire exposure of 60 minutes. Within a fraction of this amount of time the construction should not be warm higher standards temperature, flow flame or smoke to provide unheated side.


An important feature of fire-resistant construction is warming up her unheated side. Warm-up time of an isolated structure to regulatory temperature at any point is not heated surface determines the value of the actual limit of fire resistance.


Boards ПВВ provide the necessary fire protection design for 0,5-4 h.