Exfoliated vermiculite and materials based on it are very effective for heat and fire insulation of industrial equipment. This area of application is determined by high porosity, large reflectivity, low thermal conductivity and high thermal vermiculite.   The leading specialists of the company "Ukrainian Vermiculite Group developed an effective insulation board... More detailed

Heat conductivity

Thermal conductivity of the expanded vermiculite is mainly determined by its grain composition and volume bulk density. Characteristically, the grain structure has a greater effect on thermal conductivity than bulk bulk density. Large vermiculite easily oriented perpendicular to heat flow and "^ " is much better than an undirected. Grains smaller than 1.2 mm practically oriented. To... More detailed

Fire protection

Materials on the basis of exfoliated vermiculite is very effective in solving problems related to fire and fire protection.   Using technical indicators such as: low density, high melting point (1350 ºС), considerably reflecting the ability and high heat resistance, leading specialists enterprise "Ukrainian Vermiculite Group" developed technology production... More detailed

Sound absorption

Exfoliated vermiculite has a high open porosity, so the filling out of it characterized by high sound absorption. This property of vermiculite can be used to kill airborne noise in ceilings of buildings.   Acoustic properties of swollen vermiculite depend on the thickness of backfill, the size and shape of its grains, the oscillation frequency of sound.  ... More detailed