The device ties floor "VERMIIZOL” CT-450


Insulation mixture preparation device sex "VERMIIZOL» ™ is an environmentally friendly material designed for thermal insulation of buildings and structures for various purposes. Recommended for use with the need to reduce loads on the base, to create a floor construction with sound and heat insulation. Especially recommended for use in housing construction, as reduces the cost of square. square meters intended for the device and the leveling plate is applied to the ground as in the repair of old buildings, and in the construction of new ones.

Dry mix «VERMIIZOL» ™ CT-450 is a multi-heater which consists of inorganic chemicals, cement, and natural warm-sound filler - vermiculite. After mixing the dry powder mass «VERMIIZOL» ™ get ready to use heat-sound mix for the device element of floor.

Surface Preparation

The surface of the base floor should be dry and clean to remove dust and residues from other solutions, if necessary, treated with deep-penetrating impregnations. To strike the necessary thickness of the thermal insulation layer and the observance of a horizontal surface, on the floors should be installed beacons.

Modus Operandi

The contents of one bag weighing 14kg dry mixture pour into a clean container of not less than 40 liters. Then add about 18-20 liters of water and stir electric mixer until smooth. As appropriate, add a small amount of water.

Mixture should be stiff, slightly blurred, but not distributed on the surface. Ties are placed strips of limited beacons.

Method laying

Ties are placed strips, limited lighthouses, through one, starting from the wall and moving to the front door. After filling in the odd bands Lighthouse slats removed and filled with a solution of the even stripes. If the band is poured in a row, lighthouses removed after 1-2 days. Ties in each room to pour the entire floor at once. Otherwise, between the individual sites, flooded at different times, to keep the seam width of 1-2 cm.

After stacking and drying heat insulating mortars «VERMIIZOL» ™ CT-450 on its surface fits the usual cement-sand screed or self-leveling or tank mixes. With significant downloads of cement-sand screed reinforces.

In accordance with the purpose rooms, the floors must meet the requirements of strength (for Abrasion and impact), rigidity (not to cave in), efficiency, hygienic (easy to clean and clean-up) and have minimal heat absorption. In wet rooms the floors shall be watertight, and in the fire - fireproof.

Therefore, the device couplers floor «VERMIIZOL» CT-450 due to its environmental friendliness and excellent aesthetic properties of thermal insulation and sound absorption is becoming more important.

Options for floor construction for the various facilities:

This design is intended for the floor of the entrance room, lobby, lift lobby of the underground basement or above-ground floors:

Pos. Name of material Thickness, mm
1 Marble 20
2 Clay-mud 14
3 Reinforced cement-SANDY buckle finishing 35
4 "VERMIIZOL" CT-450 50
5 Steam 1
6 Concrete slab  
7 Total thickness 120 мм

Pos. Name of material Thickness, mm
1 Ceramic tiles 10
2 Clay-mud 9
3 Reinforced cement-SANDY buckle finishing 40
4 "VERMIIZOL" CT-450 50
5 Steam 1
6 Concrete slab  
7 Total thickness 110 мм

This floor construction is widely used for swimming pools in addition to the most bowl basin:

Pos. Name of material Thickness, mm
1 Ceramic tiles 8
2 Clay-mud 8
3 Self-weight 5
4 "VERMIIZOL" CT-450 50
5 Waterproofing in two layers 1
6 Concrete slab  
7 Total thickness 70 мм

For residential and office space, regardless of the number of storeys, floor suggest the following structure:

Pos. Name of material Thickness, mm
1 Flooring boards 22
2 Glue 1
3 Plywood 12
4 Self-weight 5
5 "VERMIIZOL" CT-450 45
6 Concrete slab  
7 Total thickness 85 мм

Pos. Name of material Thickness, mm
1 Laminate - Flooring 8
2 Underlying layer 1
3 Reinforced cement-SANDY buckle finishing 40
4 "VERMIIZOL" CT-450 50
5 Steam 1
6 Concrete slab  
7 Total thickness 100 мм

Conditions causing

Ambient temperature and surface application at the time and work over the next 24 hours should be 5 º C and above. By the time allocated completely dry mixture "VERMIIZOL» ™ CT-450 should be protected from the direct hit of sun and water.

Time for curing screed under normal conditions determined based on the type of flooring (for under screed flooring not less than 25-30 days, ceramic tiles can be made for tightening in 7-10 days).


4.0 - 4.3 kg / m ², with layer thickness of 10 mm;
12.0 - 12.9 kg / m ², with layer thickness of 30 mm;
20.0 - 21.5 kg / m ², with layer thickness of 50 mm.

Note: The consumption rate is defined on the surface properly prepared under optimal conditions. The actual costs depend on the base floor surface preparation and experience of the artist.

The thickness of insulation layer preparation of gender: 30 - 100 mm.

Time before: After mixing with water, a life finished building mass is 2-3 hours, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Drying time: about 72 hours at +20 º C and relative humidity 55%. At lower temperatures and higher relative humidity of drying time is extended.

Time to achieve the boundary parameters of strength mortars for floor covering installation of "VERMIIZOL» ™ at - 28 days.

Terms and conditions of storage

Dry mixes for placement of floor screed "VERMIIZOL» ™ should be stored in closed original packaging in a dry place. Bags to protect from moisture and impact of direct sunlight. Backup storage time - 12 months from the date of issue specified on the package.

Safety and Ecology

Heat and sound insulating mixture for arranging training floor "VERMIIZOL» ™ ST-450 consists of inorganic components do not contain harmful substances and is environmentally clean and safe for humans and the environment.

When filling in the capacity of the dry mixture of no interest to use respiratory protection equipment (respirator).

Work no interest in protective gloves, as the alkaline solution, which is formed in the interaction of cement (part of the dry mixture "VERMIIZOL» ™ water, irritated skin. If your eyes immediately rinse them with water and consult a doctor.