Plaster "VERMIIZOL" for external and internal works

Advantages of use:
  • Warm plaster "VERMIIZOL» ™ will prevent the leakage of heat out in the cold season than reduce heating costs.

  • In summer a layer of plaster remain in the room cool, which also saves on the cost of air conditioning.

  • Its use eliminates the need for the original wall insulation (foam, mineral wool, etc.) and use of auxiliary components, and therefore requires no additional expense.

  • Walls with insulation will be thinner and lighter, because they need only have sufficient bearing capacity, and hence reduce the cost of construction of the foundation.

  • In addition, reducing the thickness of the walls, we increase the living space in private homes and useful - in commercial buildings.

  • Total cost of plaster for exterior insulation is less than the cost of construction of energy-saving wall blocks (bricks, aerated concrete, multislot concrete, etc.) with high quality finishing.

  • Plaster insulation "VERMIIZOL» ™ is effective because it lacks hard links, which are cold bridges (no seams). Moreover, from this win and the wall itself. It is not moistened, not frozen, not covered with fungus and mold, and in the case of reinforced concrete structures - not corrosive. Lagger protects it from rain and wind. In addition, it reduces the deformation of the wall due to temperature fluctuations. As a result - increased durability of the matrix of the building.

Plastering compositions "VERMIIZOL» ™ meet the requirements of modern insulation systems:
  • Attractive appearance;
  • High insulation performance;
  • Small volume weight;
  • Durability;
  • Reliability;
  • Heat and frost;
  • Conformity with modern standards of fire safety;

In addition, plaster "VERMIIZOL» ™ has several significant advantages over other insulation systems:
  • they are simple and high-tech during the application;
  • have good strength indices;
  • not require prior alignment, preparation insulated surfaces and skilled performers;
  • consist of natural, environmentally friendly components, harmless to human health;
  • exclude the possibility of the existence in these rodents;
  • not expensive, at a cost commensurate with the foam insulation systems;
  • safe for use inside the premises.

Scope and composition

Insulation mortar "VERMIIZOL» ™ is an environmentally friendly material designed for thermal insulation of buildings and structures for various purposes. Dry mortar "VERMIIZOL» ™ is a multi-heater which consists of inorganic chemicals, cement, and natural warm-sound filler - vermiculite. After mixing the dry powder mass "VERMIIZOL» ™ get ready to spray (use) insulation mortar. Is used for plastering the surfaces of concrete, aerated concrete, brick, metal and other wall materials.

Surface Preparation

The wall surface must be dry and clean to remove dust and residues from other solutions, if necessary, treated with deep-penetrating reinforced impregnations or stucco netting. The walls must be installed screed to the required thickness of thermal insulation coating layer.

Modus Operandi

The contents of one bag weighing 12 kg dry mixture pour into a clean container of not less than 35 liters. Then add about 18-20 liters of water and stir electric mixer until smooth. As appropriate, add a small amount of water.

Application method


Plastering masses "VERMIIZOL» ™ applied several layers of plaster with the help of instruments. Thickness of one layer should not exceed 20-25 mm. After removing the screed, the place of their anchorages are closed with several layers of plaster "VERMIIZOL» ™. The application of each subsequent layer to produce a minimum of 4 hours after the previous application, and the decorative layer - no less than 48 hours. At low temperature and high humidity this time lengthens.



Application Conditions


Ambient temperature and surface coating at the time of plastering work and within the next 24 hours should be +5 º C and above. Prior to complete drying of the plaster "VERMIIZOL» ™ should be protected from the effects of flows of water and a direct hit by the sun.






3,9 - 4 kg / m ², with the layer thickness of 10 mm;

9,8 - 10 kg / m ², with the layer thickness of 25 mm;

19,5 - 20 kg / m ², with the layer thickness of 50 mm.


Note: The consumption rate is determined in a properly prepared wall under optimal conditions.Actual coverage depends on the preparation of the base layer and the experience of the artist.


The thickness of the heat insulation layer: 10 - 100 mm.


Time suitability: After mixing with water, while the suitability of the finished plaster mass is about 2 hours, depending on atmospheric conditions.


Drying time: Approximately 24 hours at +20 º C and relative humidity of 55%. At lower temperatures and higher relative humidity of drying time is lengthened. Time to reach the limiting parameters of the strength of plaster "VERMIIZOL» ™ is 28 days.



Coloring and decorating


Desired color is achieved by staining the facade facade painted in two layers. To begin the staining is recommended after complete drying of the plaster, not earlier than 48 hours at +20 º C and relative humidity of 55%. Staining wet plaster layer may lead to strikes and pigmentation.In this case, you should wait until the complete drying, using a 2% solution of hydrochloric acid to remove stains, rinse and dry the ground, and then paint again.

As a decorative layer can use any decorative plaster, cement-based ( "bark beetle", "lamb", "coat", etc.).



Terms and conditions of storage


Heat-insulating mortar "VERMIIZOL» ™ should be stored in closed original container in a dry place. Bags to protect from moisture and direct sunlight. Warranty storage time - 12 months from the date of issuance, on the packaging.



Safety and Ecology


Insulation mortar "VERMIIZOL» ™ consists of inorganic components do not contain harmful substances and is environmentally clean and safe for humans and the environment.

When falling asleep in a container of powdered formula is not required to use respiratory protective equipment (respirator).

Work is not required in the protective gloves, as the alkaline solution formed by the interaction of cement (available in the dry mixture "VERMIIZOL» ™) with water, irritate the skin. Case of contact with eyes, flush them with water and consult a physician.