Crude Vermiculite

In magneziate-iron micas have a group of hydromicas containing ceolite water. These include micas, vermiculite, similar in chemical composition of hydrated biotite and phlogopite, minerals from which as a result of exchange reactions occurred glauconite, corresponding to the composition of hydrated lepidomelanu. Vermiculite (from the Latin. Vermiculus - worm), a natural mineral from... More detailed

Exfoliated Vermiculite

Vermiculite is exfoliated - a loose, porous material in the form of scaly particles having a high fire resistance, low density, low thermal conductivity, chemical and biological inertness in contact with aggressive media, is not wetted by molten metal is high sorption properties, environmentally friendly. More detailed

Vermiculite boards fireproof ПВВ

Materials on the basis of exfoliated vermiculite is very effective in solving problems related to fire and fire protection.   Using technical indicators such as: low density, high melting point (1350 ºС), considerably reflecting the ability and high heat resistance, leading specialists enterprise "Ukrainian Vermiculite Group" developed technology production... More detailed

Vermiculite boards fireproof ПВТ

Exfoliated vermiculite and materials based on it are very effective for heat and fire insulation of industrial equipment. This area of application is determined by high porosity, large reflectivity, low thermal conductivity and high thermal vermiculite.   The leading specialists of the company "Ukrainian Vermiculite Group developed an effective insulation board... More detailed

Plaster "VERMIIZOL" for external and internal works

Advantages of use: Warm plaster "VERMIIZOL» ™ will prevent the leakage of heat out in the cold season than reduce heating costs. In summer a layer of plaster remain in the room cool, which also saves on the cost of air conditioning. Its use eliminates the need for the original wall insulation (foam, mineral wool, etc.) and use of auxiliary components, and therefore... More detailed

The device ties floor "VERMIIZOL” CT-450

Scope Insulation mixture preparation device sex "VERMIIZOL» ™ is an environmentally friendly material designed for thermal insulation of buildings and structures for various purposes. Recommended for use with the need to reduce loads on the base, to create a floor construction with sound and heat insulation. Especially recommended for use in housing construction,... More detailed