Chemical Industry

Application in Chemical Industry

Among the possible technical mineral sorbents for wide use in the above privacy in treatment technology and refining of industrial emissions, deserve special attention adsorption-active materials of natural mineral raw materials.


Promising source of such raw materials are layered silicates, in the first place, vermiculite.


The high adsorption and ion exchange properties, ease of obtaining modified, including organic forms, relatively good acid and alkali resistance cause widespread use and sustained interest in studying the structure and properties of materials based on vermiculite.


Application these materials in chemical engineering and technology are very diverse.


Research and pilot-scale tests confirmed the possibility of their use for purification of waste water companies industrial copper nickel industry from cations copper, nickel and cobalt (the total content in the treated water is less than 0.1 mg/l).


Test results indicated that the need for pelletizing finely dispersed vermiculite or create a hardware design process, for example, using flow-through centrifuges.


One of the promising methods of obtaining technical sorbents on the basis of inorganic natural or artificial substances is granulation.


Distributed binders for molding alumino silicate sorbents, which include vermiculite, in the form of basic aluminum salts and clay. Colloid-chemical and binding properties of basic aluminum salts depends on the ratio of AL: NO3 in their molecules - with the increase of basic salts increases pH solutions, their viscosity, as well as the degree of polymerization. Oxi nitraty aluminum are used as binders in the form of solutions or salts.


Area containing vermiculite mass of granular materials - cleaning and drying of gases and organic liquids, cleaning solutions and industrial wastewater, the allocation of these valuable components, including petroleum products, lighting and more.