About us



Enterprise «Ukrainian Vermiсulite Group» was reorganized in 2008 year, to create an industrial complex for production of thermo-and survived till fireproofing materials on the basis of exfoliated vermiculite.


Specialists in conjunction with the «Kiev Institute of Thermophysics» unique installation was designed by firing crude vermiculite.


The uniqueness of the installation is that, unlike all known as the CIS, and abroad such settings, our very favorably with small structural dimensions and small cost of energy.


All equipment necessary for roasting vermiculite concentrate is located at 30 m ², with the average change in productivity of 25 m ³ exfoliated vermiculite. These figures indicate a high performance, and as a result - high quality flatulence (combustion). Fuel consumption is 100-120 liters per shift, which gives an important effect of reducing the cost and the total absence of residues of fuel not burned in the product. This benefit highlights enterprise «Ukrainian Vermiculite Group» among the world producers of vermiculite.


Production of Vermiculite is not swollen primary, initial focus in the enterprise. Given the great need of various industries in high-quality materials that have high requirements heat and sound insulation, fire protection, thermal, chemical and biological inertia, and it reflects the ability, leading the company «Ukrainian Vermiсulite Group» developed the technology for manufacture of products based on the swollen vermiculite and inorganic stars middleware.


Vermiculite products - plates and shell are made of medium-dry weight by hot pressing under technical conditions. Such products have high thermal properties and, most importantly, very effective fire protection.


Application temperature vermiculite boards and shells range from -50 ° C to 1100 ° C limit of fire - from 0.5 hours to 4 hours.


Notably, under the action of Vermiculite products of high temperatures and open flames are not experiencing the allocation of hazardous substances that affect the human body and environment.

Currently, the company «Ukrainian Vermiculite Group» is located in the Kiev region and occupies 2300 m ² of industrial space. Specialists-technologists are constantly working on the introduction of new materials that are used in various industries.


Enterprise «Ukrainian Vermiculite Group» is growing and developing, tracking all the trends and changes in currents associated with the use of heat and fire protection materials.


Today we set ourselves the goal meet the requirements of the European Community.


Production Enterprise «Ukrainian Vermiculite Group» held a series of fire, fire, thermal and physical tests and meet the health and environmental standards.


Accordingly, we note that our products are modern and necessary for the development of related areas, using such materials.